Warranty and service

The warranty covers

  • glazing package 15 lat
  • PVC elements, construction, assembly and production defects, 10 lat
  • sealing flanges and gaskets 5 lat

We are available for download in PDF format:

In case of any problems with our window, please send your comments to the Complaints Department:

Marcin Mołdoch
tel. 506-054-753

e-mail.: marcin.moldoch@skyfens.pl


I. In order to submit a complaint, please fill in the complaint form and then send it by e-mail, fax or post to the address of Skyfens Sp. Zoo. Additionally, an invoice for the sale of woodwork to the end customer should be attached to the complaint form. If the reason for the complaint is the incompleteness of the goods – lack of delivery, a scan of the WZ document with a description of the defect confirmed by the driver’s signature should be attached to the notification. Visible defects must be reported on the day of delivery and no later than 3 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

II. The complaint form should be carefully completed. Complaints submitted without a form or without a sales invoice or incorrectly completed will not be registered and considered.

III. Clarification of the complaint form.

1) Data of the declarant: The seller submitting the complaint is obliged to provide basic data that is necessary for further complaint proceedings. It is required to provide the company name, contractor number and order number to which the complaint is complained, as well as the invoice number and date of purchase of the goods at Skyfens Sp. Zoo. (formerly Dobroplast)

2) Data of the user of the advertised product: The seller is obliged to provide data of the person using the given joinery

3) I make a complaint about the purchased goods: In this point, describe the goods under complaint, its name, dimensions, layout and color

4) The subject of the complaint: In the description of the complaint, please describe the reason for the complaint, state when and under what circumstances the defects were found and describe the damage in detail. Additionally, sketch the complaint window and mark where the defect is.

5) Windows installation performed by the company. Here you should mark with a cross by whom the advertised joinery was installed. Was it made by our dealer or the end customer installed it himself, purchasing only the joinery.

IV. The complaint should be accompanied by photos presenting the advertised defects of the joinery. The exception is the unsealing of glass packages, where we will verify the package after returning the package to the factory – there is no need to send photos for the complaint. However, any defect in the IG unit or profiles other than leakage must be documented in the photo. IN THE CASE OF A POSITIVE COMPLAINT ABOUT LEAKAGE OF GLAZING PACKAGES, THE SELLER UNDERTAKES TO RETURN THE GLAZING PACKAGES WITHIN 2 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF DELIVERY.

V. The complaint must describe all defects of the carpentry you advertise, in the event of departure of the service technician, only the defects reported in the complaint will be removed.

VI. When inspecting and verifying glazing defects, please follow the Warranty Card and the Seller’s Agreement.

VII. Goods inconsistent with the order or defective cannot be installed.

VIII. In the event of an unjustified complaint, the applicant will be charged for the service.

IX. Complained items that have been replaced due to a defect should be returned to the factory to verify the validity of the complaint. In the event that the items are not returned, the seller will be charged for the item.

Feedback about the status of the complaint, as well as the method of removing the complaint will be provided by e-mail or telephone within 14 days from the date of registration.