Warranty and service

The warranty covers

  • The external, tempered glass of the set broken by hail; 15 years
  • The glass set, if tightness is lost or strain cracks caused by design faults of the window occur; 10 years
  • PVC elements, fittings, design, assembly and production faults; 10 years
  • Sealing flanges and seals; 5 years
  • Interior roller blinds, electrical actuators and other accessories purchased from the manufacturer. 2 years

In the case of any issues with our window, please send you comments to the complaint department:

In case of any problems with our window, please send your comments to the Complaints Department:

Marcin Mołdoch
tel. 506-054-753

e-mail.: marcin.moldoch@skyfens.pl or reklamacje@skyfens.pl


I. In order to raise a complaint:

  • fill the complaint report form, and then send it by e-mail or as a registered mail to Skyfens Sp. z o.o.
  • send the purchase confirmation of the end customer or the filled and signed warranty card.
  • send the photographic or video documentation confirming the reported fault.

In the case of visible damage of a product or if missing elements are found during transport from Skyfens to the Buyer, a “Damage protocol” should be prepared upon delivery, in the presence of the driver, as one of the complaint reporting conditions. The damage protocol should be signed by the Buyer and by a representative of the company delivering the product.

Complaints related to missing elements or damage hidden at the delivery time should be reported to the manufacturer within 5 days after the acceptance date.

II. The complaint report form should be thoroughly filled. Complaints reported without this form and without a purchase proof will not be recorded and processed.

III. Instructions to the complaint report form.

1) Seller data:
The dealer reporting the complaint shall be obliged to provide basic data required for further processing of the complaint. The following data is required, i.e.: company name, dealer number, order number to which the complaint pertains, as well as the invoice number and date of product purchase at Skyfens Sp. z o.o.

2) Data of the user of the claimed product.
The dealer or the end customer shall be obliged to provide data of the person using the product in question, including the address at which the product is installed and a contact number.

3) I am reporting a complaint related to a purchased product.
Describe the product, to which the complaint is related, providing its name, type, dimensions, colour and quantity.

4) Subject of the complaint.
Describe the subject of the complaint in the complaint description, specifying where and how was the fault identified and provide a detailed description of the damage. Additionally, provide a sketch of the window covered by the complaint, indicating the damage location.

5) Window assembly performed by.
Mark the person/company which assembled the window here, marking it with a cross. Was the window assembled by the Dealer / Seller or by the end customer? The Dealer / Seller should also stamp the report form.

IV. The complaint form should specify all identified faults covered by the complaint. In the case of a service technician visit, only the faults reported in the sent complaint form shall be removed.

V. Products non-conforming with the order or faulty products may not be installed.

VI. If a faulty product is replaced with a new product free of faults, the manufacturer reserves the right to collect the product covered by the complaint.

VII. Feedback regardign the complaint status and the complaint resolution method shall be sent by e-mail or provided by phone, within 14 days from the date on which the complaint was registered.

VIII. The detailed warranty conditions are provided in the Warranty Card.