PREMIUM quality available for everyone
- high energy efficiency
- 3-glazing package
- drainage system
We have been manufacturing first choice roof windows for your home for 14 years
PVC roof window advantages
    - Moisture and mould resistant
    - No maintenance required
    - Suitable for any interior
Aluminium external roller shutters - quick installation - high quality - perfect fit
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New products Available from February 2024.

Please contact your advisor for more details on the offer.

New roof window - proven solutions in a new version by SKYFENS, now available as the SKYLIGHT PLUS TERMO.

Skylight Plus Termo is a proven window in a new version, with a new hinge system, 4-seal package, and improved daily comfort of use due to the use of gas lifters. Details are in the attached leaflet.




Aluminum external roller shutters for SUPRO and SKYLIGHT PLUS TERMO roof windows.

SkyROLL is an aluminum external roller shutter, designed to fit Skylight Plus Termo and SUPRO windows. SkyROLL is an excellent solution for people looking for effective protection against light, noise, excessive sunlight, and high temperatures in attic rooms.

External awnings designed to match the roof lines SUPRO and SKYLIGHT.

SkyMAR is an external awning that protects a room from the sun’s rays. It is specially designed for Skylight and Supro roof windows.

New windows Skyfens SUPRO

  • Energy efficient package of 3 panes
  • Warm TGI Spacer frame
  • Straight thermally insulated PVC profile
  • An elevated rotation axis as a standard version
  • An innovative drainage system solves a problem of dampness formation
  • A new frame hinge improving the usage safety and resistance of a roof window
  • Easier window opening thanks to gas springs
  • Stability of an opened window
  • 2 positions of passive ventilation
  • A silver surface-mounted slat underlines the modern style of a roof
  • Quick mounting. The use of new installation angle sections. Easier pane replacement
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Skyfens in Lublin

Your Partner in Modern Roof Window Solutions

Founded in 2008, Skyfens is proud of over a decade of experience in the roof window industry. We are based in a 47,000 m² area in the special economic zone in Lublin, which includes 7,400 m² of modern production halls, warehouses and offices, and our team is made up of more than 60 qualified specialists.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of PVC roof windows, Skyfens is recognised both on the Polish market and throughout Europe, especially in Western European countries where interest in our products is constantly growing. Our production is based on advanced technologies and specially designed machinery from leading European manufacturers, which guarantees the highest quality and durability of our products.

Our roof windows, including the well-known and appreciated Skylight line and the innovative SUPRO line, are distinguished by their long life cycle, precise finishing and ergonomic design. We offer a wide range of roof window and hatch sizes to meet the diverse requirements of our customers – from individual builders to major construction projects.

Independent testing institutes have confirmed the high quality of our products, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-class roof windows. At Skyfens, we always strive for innovation to ensure that our windows are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to any architectural style.

Join the ranks of satisfied Skyfens customers across Europe and enjoy the comfort, safety and energy savings offered by our state-of-the-art roof windows.




Product categories Skyfens

Roof window SUPRO

triple glazing / new profile / gas actuators


double glazing / new profile / gas actuators

Roof window SKYLIGHT

double glazed / classic profile

Roof hatches SKYLIGHT LOFT

double glazed / classic profile

Sealing flanges

different types of roof


actuators / handles / ventilators

External blinds SkyROLL

thermal protection / sun protection

External awnings SkyMAR

protection from the sun

What our clients say about us?

A little over three years ago, I had a dilemma with the choice of roof windows. In the end, I opted for Skylight Premium windows. After these three years, I can confidently say that it was a good choice. The windows provide a high degree of thermal insulation, do not leak and show no signs of material fatigue. I definitely recommend it.
Roman K.
I definitely recommend Skylight Premium windows. Not only high-quality workmanship, durability, but also a transparent method of installation that will allow people like me to install windows, i.e. with little experience. I recommend
Jan N.

European patent certificate

Please be advised that the Skylight Premium roof window is protected by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland with a patent with the PAT number. 206424 and by the European Patent Office under the patent number 2003263.